Planting to help soil erosion

Asked April 23, 2020, 5:56 PM EDT

We live in Gresham and our back yard faces North. We've been having trouble with soil erosion at the back, along a border next to a wall. We are going to be refreshing the soil and would like to plant along that border to help with the erosion issue and also to provide more cover for the wildlife. We have a forest behind the wall and several trees in our yard along the wall, which does make planting a little difficult. Can you recommend any native plants that would thrive in this area and also be good for the wildlife? The ground slopes away towards the wall, so it can get very wet in the winter, and also very dry in the Summer. We have a couple of lavender plants that do well there, can you recommend any others? There's some sun, but also quite a bit of shade because of the trees. Thank you.

Multnomah County Oregon

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There are many native shrubs that will work in full sun:
  • Oregon grape
  • Red osier dogwood
  • Nine bark
  • Red flowering currant
If you are looking for ground cover,
  • Low Oregon Grape
  • Kinnickinick
  • Ceanothus 'Pt Reyes'
Also, there are herbaceous perennials that, when mixed with native grasses, can be used to "meadowscape" the area. If you want to go this route, here is a resource for you:

In general, here is a good resource on native plants:

Good luck.