Growing tomatoes in containers

Asked April 23, 2020, 4:16 PM EDT

If I planted a tomato like Mortgage Lifter in a big planter, would it produce any tomatoes or can I only plant cherry tomatoes? I don't have full sun anywhere on my property. Also I had one planter of zucchini last year but only had a few flowers but never got any zucchini. I thought they were the easiest thing to grow! What went wrong? Do I need more individual zucchini plants. Thanks for your help, Sherie

Monroe County Michigan

1 Response

You can plant the Mortgage Lifter Tomato in a container with good results. However, the diameter and depth of the container, environmental considerations will affect the plants ability to produce. Tomatoes grow best in 8 hours of full sun. They also need a soil temperatures of 65 degrees. When planting zucchini in a container that is round, you will need to have a strong horizontal trellis to hold the demands of the plant. This plant will also need at least 6 hours of sun for proper development. Attached are links for further information on growing in containers.