seeds treated with pesticides

Asked April 23, 2020, 4:17 AM EDT

This year, I decided to start my garden plants from seed. How can I tell if seeds purchased at grocery store or hardware store have been treated with a systemic neonicotinoid pesticide that could hurt pollinators?

Wayne County Michigan

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Usually a seed packet from a nationwide distributor will have a statement on the packet that their seed are treated with either a pesticide or fungicide. One way to make sure that the packet is untreated with a pesticide or fungicide is to buy seed packets labeled as organic seeds with a USDA Organic label. Seed treated with either a pesticide or fungicide are usually dyed pink or purple to distinguish the treated seeds from untreated seeds. I have included a link from the MSU Extension Service provides tips for navigating through a sea of seed catalogues. The link is: .

Thank you! This is very helpful.