Mallard nest

Asked April 22, 2020, 4:50 PM EDT

Hello, A mallard has made a nest outside our apartment building door. She must have gotten scared a few hours ago when the landscapers came and used a leaf blower. How long will the eggs be ok for? She still hasn't returned to the next. There are nine eggs..

Rockland County New York

2 Responses

She may return to the nest. Time off the nest depends on the age of the embryos (the length of time the hen as been setting), and the ambient temperature. Cold eggs that are during the first week of incubation are probably dead, If they are near hatching and cold they may be OK for a while. If the hen is of the nest for about 24 hours, the eggs will probably not survive.

We are not sure how long she's been there. I only noticed her this morning so I'm not sure where she might be as far as the incubation is concerned.

Thank you for responding.