Grub control in container soil

Asked April 21, 2020, 10:02 PM EDT

Hi, I live in Baltimore and grow flowers and vegetables in containers. I use Espoma organic potting mix and use organic fertilizers (tomato or plant tone and seaweed/fish liquid fertilizer. For this years container soil, I reused 70-80% of last year’s soil and added plant tone, vermiculite, and leafgro soil conditioner. However today I found a grub when planting. Please see picture attached. What should I do so that the grubs don’t multiply and eat the roots of my plants? I picked off a few but maybe there are more. Will Bonide DE help? I have only used organic products in my garden.

Baltimore Maryland

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If the containers are not too large, you can dump the soil and expose any grubs to the birds. However, if the container is planted there is not much else to do. No controls are recommended. Monitor the growth of the plants this season. You may not have an issue.


Thank you, Marian. How can I make sure I don’t have grubs in my containers next spring?

You can replace the soil if you find that grubs are a problem, or, as Marian noted previously, dump the soil out and expose it for birds to feed on the grubs and then replace the soil in your container. There is nothing to apply to prevent grubs in containers.