Dryland Pasture Central Oregon

Asked April 21, 2020, 2:10 PM EDT

We have about 3 acres of dryland where our barn and horses are. No irrigation. How successful would I be at growing something like Great Basin Dryland mix with the natural rainfall in the spring or fall? Live in Redmond/Terrebonne area and need to choke out the tumbleweed growth. Our goal isn't to replace hay bale feeding but if it offered some supplemental grazing that would be nice. I also saw reference to a dryland seed at Helena Ag in Culver.

Deschutes County Oregon

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Hello and thank you for your inquiry,

A dryland planting can be successful in central Oregon, although it depends on the winter and how much precipitation we get. The most successful planting window would be in the fall, and to promote success for the dryland mix you should control your weeds before planting. I would ask Helena what is in their dryland mix and how much success customers have had planting dryland. Oftentimes people use irrigation the first couple of years to establish a mix, and then can get away without irrigating it after the initial establishment. If crested wheatgrass is included in any of the mixes that could help with establishment, as it is one of the best bets for dryland establishment (but you want it in a mix).

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