Vegetable Garden

Asked April 21, 2020, 11:11 AM EDT

Hello! We would like to begin vegetable gardening and have both large pots and a 10X20 garden. Some questions:

1. What is the best composition (Leafpro + what is already in the ground, something else?)
2. Should we use mulch on the garden after planting? (If so, then which one)?
3. Should we use earthworm fertilizer? and/or, what other fertilizer to use?
4. We began growing indoors. When is the best time this year to transfer to outside?
5. What is the best (and large) compost bin?

Thank you!

Howard County Maryland

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Here are good links on starting a vegetable garden

You will see soil testing, soil amendments, crop profiles and common problems. Adding large amounts of organic matter like compost or Leaf Gro (available in bags and bulk) to your soil for a few years is recommended.
After a few years of large additions, you can decrease the amount to 1 in. each year.

This page is about how to grow vegetables successfully in containers:

This link will tell you when to plant (seeds or seedlings) and if you click on the individual plant crops, how to plant, fertilize, care and monitor for common problems:

Here is how to care for your garden including fertilizing, weeding, types of mulch, etc.

Here is our page on composting and a video on bin types. You will have to decide what works best for your situation.

You can send us photos or more questions this growing season.