Fruit tree pollination

Asked April 20, 2020, 12:32 PM EDT

I just planted 4 fruit trees and am wondering if they will self-pollinate, or if I need to get other kinds to go near them. I have the following trees: tilton apricot, veteran peach, luscious pear, and chojuro pear. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Columbia County Oregon

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In general, apricot and peach will produce fruit without a pollinizer tree within 100 feet. However, apricot seldom sets fruit here in the northwest because it blooms so early in the year that the blossoms freeze.

The Asian pear 'Chojuro' will fruit without a pollinizer tree.

European pears need a pollinizer tree. 'Luscious' pear is pollen-sterile and requires a pollinizer tree within 100 feet but it won't act as a pollinizer for a different pear. It's likely that the Asian pear could serve as a pollen source for 'Luscious' if the two trees bloom at the same time.

My research revealed that 'Luscious' is a very cold-hardy tree. Sometimes "very cold-hardy" also means that the tree won't reliably fruit every year in milder climates. One seller listed it for USDA zones 4 to 7. Thus, it might be marginal in our climate, fruiting erratically.

Good luck.