How much sun for rhubarb, lilac in Bend

Asked April 20, 2020, 5:47 AM EDT

Is full Bend dry afternoon sun too much for rhubarb, lilac, or snowball viburnum? We live in NW part of town with fair amount of mature Maples and Ponderosa trees. Of course, lilac and viburnum need sun to bloom ...

Deschutes County Oregon

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Thank you for your question about required sun exposure for rhubarb, lilac, and snowball viburnum in Bend.


Selecting a site for a vegetable garden in Central Oregon requires as much full sun as possible. Ideally eight hours or longer during the growing season. Rhubarb grows best with late afternoon shade to keep the plant cool in our hot summer months in Central Oregon. Please reference the following link to the OSU Extension publication Grow Your Own Rhubarb, authored by Toni Stephan, a member of the Deschutes County Horticulture staff. In this publication Toni reviews growing conditions and varieties of rhubarb that do well in our Central Oregon climate.

Another publication you may find helpful is entitled, Growing Vegetables in Central Oregon:

Information about locating a site for growing vegetables is reviewed on page 3. Recommended rhubarb varieties that grow well in Central Oregon are listed on page 22.


Lilacs grow best in open areas that offer good drainage. They require room to grow and do best where exposed to sun. Lilacs prefer full sun to partial shade (approximately 5 hours of sun per day). A Cornell Extension publication entitled, “Growing Lilacs”, provides information about caring for lilacs.

The OSU publication Water-wise gardening in Central Oregon provides information about lilac varieties that grow well in Central Oregon (p. 31):

Snowball viburnum:

Viburnum also grows best in full sun to partial shade. (Source: Water-wise gardening in Central Oregon p. 36)

If you need additional information, you can contact the Deschutes County OSU Extension office in Redmond at 541-548-6088. Amy Jo Detweiler and Toni Stephan are members of the Horticulture Staff. Both Amy Jo and Toni welcome your garden questions.

You can also access a list of Central Oregon garden publications at the OSU Extension website: