Canning Classes Lane County

Asked April 19, 2020, 1:14 PM EDT

Will in-person beginner canning classes be offered after stay at home is lifte

Lane County Oregon

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Sour Dough Starter is acidic so probably not a high risk for getting food borne illness from licking your finger. I bet is wasn't very tasty.

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Nellie Oehler


I responded to the wrong question, having a little technical difficulties. I will have Nellie Oehler get back to you with a response about Canning Classes in Lane County.

Yes, we have a series of food preservation classes planned for this summer and will announce them as soon as we are permitted to hold face to face meetings. The first one is scheduled late June on basic water bath canning and jam making. We also have classes scheduled for dehydration, Beginning class on using a pressure canner, tomato and salsa canning, pickles and fermentation, tuna canning and in the fall a meat class. All wi8 have hands on practice included.. Watch our Lane County Extension website and we will release them as soon as we are able to hold classes.

Thanks for inquiring and hope you can join us.
Nellie Oehler