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Asked April 19, 2020, 12:19 PM EDT

My name is Ashley Miller; currently i am an unemployed 30 year old who dream of having my own farm. i want to grow and sell pigs, goat, chickens, and soap and candles. i was wanting to know if the program still exists where a person can get farm animals off you all and then trade in a baby for you received before? i always wanting to try this in school but no one gave me the chance. i was in the Breathitt Ag and FFA in the year before 2007. i have been reading SFJ sense i was in school. i love this magazine and have collected a good portion. i am going to open a kickstarter: The page you were looking for doesn't exist (404) of course this project isnt up yet as i need collaborators for it. i wouldnt mind getting some help with this project and starting the page. i am a bit tech dumb. i need emails names etc of who my collantors are that can get into my page and handle it. i dont know how much money i need yet as i cant get a hold of anyone. to start the faarm building; buy the animals; buy equipment for milking and slaughter; freezer and set up shop as well as buy bees and equiement. As for pigs i wanted to get pasture pigs and sell the babies or slaughter them for local patrons to get fresh meat. i want to raise Kiko goats for meat. what i want in a Kiko goat is friendly personality, thick neck and chest, good feet you don't have to trim, no problems with mastitis or teet problems, parasite resistant, and good moms; a nice wide back and round butt needs to be too. i know you can improve a bucks line with proper breeding of animals to another animal with the better qualities that you want. So these would be my meat goat. as for pigs i would like pasture pigs with upturned noses that dont root up the land. i plan to put them in an encloses pasture and feed them chest nuts acorns etc... i was looking at the Idaho pasture pigs or a mix of lamworth, idahos, Kunes, Berkshire etc... i want a pig that is good meat product and good amount of fat to make some good old fashioned cracklings and lard. good feet wide back, no diseases including stress related, and friendly; as i will be handling them. i will be smoking and making my own bacon hams etc and selling cuts of meat people in the community want. lets face it everyone in Breathitt needs a local butcher! open me a shop in jackson or hazard for meat and other things. maybe good chickens eggs. as for dairy goats, i want some Nubians, Alpines, and/or La Manchas. i want good mothers who can delver on there own, excellent health, wide set ribs and long body, flat boned; deep heart girth; i don't want narrow pinched kids. i want increasing depth from front to rear so as to get more room for kids. well attached udders that don't flop around, high wide rear udder well extended fore udder and smooth udder attachment.correctly attached medial ligament. and good feet. i want to make soaps from the milk and butter. i want to get bees to see honey and candles. maybe sell some salves and other things like lip balm. i have 70 acres to work with that was once a pasture but its grown up with trees. i also want to get a Guernsey or jersey cow for milk butter etc. i do know we have many wild bee hives on the land. as for the land; i would need some developing the land. i will need a good barn for each milk processing; and meat processing. as well as shelters for the animals to stay in.i don't have enough land for producing my own grain or at least not with its woodland area. i would like to get some loans to develop and start up everything. i sincerely believe i could make this plan work. i have all the knowledge from my grandmother plus all the knowledge from the multitude of books and magazines that i read. as i said my Breathitt county needs a good butcher. and i might even be able to buy me some land if i can get loans for a better farm. if at all you can help me with this life long dream this college dropout has developed it would be appreciated. over the years i have found that working for rich factory people in Lexington has me great mental strain as i am depressed, have high anxiety, and other things. the only comfort i find in life is when i am working outside with the land making a garden or animals. if someone can find in their hearts to helps me fulfill this dream it would be appreciated. if this project is stupid then i guess i dont deserve it. ill draw out the project. selling colored eggs meat soap and candles... ill hire my brother as a butcher as he is one of the best meat cutters i have ever seen. i will help on farms or take produce you cant sell if possible. would like some milk that is unpasturized so you all dont waste it. do you know pigs love milk! thanks for listening Ashley Miller 7 Harvey Bend Rd Clayhole, Ky 41317 cell: 6064385722 home: 6062726430 PO Box 242 Hazard Ky 41701 feel free to help or distribute info

Breathitt County Kentucky

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