tomato plants dying

Asked April 19, 2020, 10:45 AM EDT

i started a variety of tomatoes for a new garden. i recently transplanted them from the seed starter tray to larger cups with holes in the bottom for drainage. most are growing well, but over the past week several plants (of different varieties) are dying and i can't find examples of the problem online. the main vein in the leaf becomes white only on the veins. not erratic lines such as in leaf miner damage. the leaf curls downward a few days later, dies, and falls off. images below please help, i have 6-10 plants that have this problem, i'm worried about lsiing them all. thanks for any help !!


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The leaf discoloring along the mid rib is striking and the leaves are also puckering and curling. I recommend isolating the infected plants immediately. They may have a viral disease.

If you do have white flies , something that is a common hazard of brining in tender plants to overwinter inside, try to get rid of them.