Removed Stump problem

Asked April 19, 2020, 12:33 AM EDT

After removing old stump in back yard, found termites in its wood. Packed all roots and stump in plastic bags and removed from yard. My question is: how long should I wait to start planting my garden there. I still see termites on the ground. Will they live without the old wood? I’m afraid they’ll eat the brand new roots from my new plants.

Hillsborough County Florida

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Hello, and thanks for using the Ask an Expert System,

Termites require wood as a source of food. If you are planning a vegetable garden, you need not worry about termites eating the non-woody roots of your vegetable plants. I would not recommend planting any woody plants in your back yard until the termites are gone.

For additional information I suggest that you contact the Hillsborough County FSU/IFAS Extension Office.