Removing stumps

Asked April 18, 2020, 2:09 PM EDT

I cut down two dead trees to within 4 inches of the ground (trunks were 6 inches and less). Should i bother to dig out the stumps or can i plant around them. If they should be removed could you say why.

Multnomah County Oregon

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As long as the stumps are completely dead, you may indeed, plant around them. Before shovel digging be sure to note any root locations, they could give you quite a shocking vibration when hit.

Best of luck and happy gardening.

I sent out request for bid to remove the stump but have not heard back. Meanwhile I am digging around the stump to expose the roots. My plan is to cut out the stump and use a crowbar to get the core out of the ground. I am not hopeful this will work. Plan B is to ask for a bid from another landscape contractor. It will cost more than I spent on the little tree in the first place.

Definately, get a few more bids; one of the companies should get back to you. Not sure who would be open during this unrest. Although, considering what you want done you needn't hire an Arborist. You could hire a handyperson in need of work or even a neighborhood teenager to do the work. I don't think a crowbar will be of any assistance unless it is approximately six feet! This is my recommendation:
  1. Purchase or borrow a digging bar with a straight chisel edge.
  2. Purchase or borrow a sharp, good quality spade.
  3. Click this link for many suggested ways for easy manual tree root removal.
I hope this helps. good luck.
Click this link for many suggested ways for easy manual tree root removal.

Thanks for your advice and links. It is really a thorough answer. I was able to get some labor and got the two stumps out. He used many of the techniques that you suggested. He filled in the holes and now it is as though the trees were never there!