SAFE weed control - organic dandelion killing

Asked April 18, 2020, 1:33 PM EDT

We want to get rid of dandelions while not doing harm to the environment. I've been pulling flowers and digging roots but it is a losing battle. What do you recommend?


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Besides simply pulling, there are nifty tools that you can use from a standing position that will pull out dandelions (and other weeds with fat roots, such as bulbous buttercup.) Do it when the soil in moist. In spring, the roots may come out more easily. Be sure to get almost all the root.

You can spot treat with an organic herbicide that will kill the top growth, but you would have to do this repeatedly in order to exhaust the root.

Thickening up your lawn and mowing high are good strategies, so that turf out-competes the dandelions. Overseeding is most successful when done in early fall.

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