Apple tree pest/disease management

Asked April 18, 2020, 1:29 PM EDT

I have a few tiny apple trees (I'm pruning to keep them very small) and espaliered apples. Been in the ground, growing well, for 2 years and I have a few blossoms! Can you point me toward good, practical approaches for a micro-tiny home orchard with limited spraying? I'm not pure organic, but if good alternatives exist, I prefer them. I know I'm past dormant oil (but aphids haven't been an issue, and I believe the big issue is codling moth & cedar-apple rust). Thank you.

Washoe County Nevada

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Hello and thank you for your question. If you are mainly asking about how to control codling moth organically it can be done easily with a small number of espalier apples. I am attaching a link to Organic Production from Washington State University. While it is not specifically focused on just a couple of trees, it is focused on apples and organic maintenance.
In our area codling moth, aphid, two-spotted spider mites and powdery mildew are the largest issues. You may also see nutrient differences depending on where you are located. Other diseases such as rust and scab are not common as we lack the humidity required for the diseases.
If you have further questions you can also contact us directly at 775399-8522.
I hope you will find these information sheets helpful. While they are not from our area they cover the information thoroughly.