Mounds of dirt in yard April 2020 - 5533 Zenith Ave S

Asked April 18, 2020, 12:03 PM EDT

My Tenant just noticed all these littles mound of dirt in their yard. How do I determine what is causing it? Is there anything I can look for to identify what is it - so I can figure out how to treat it. Voles? Ants? I just have one picture at this point. Thanks! Nancy Cameron 612-581-3355

Hennepin County Minnesota

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From what I can tell from the picture it looks like mole damage, but usually the tunnels don’t break the surf that much. Does your tenant have a pet that may have dug into the tunnels?

I suggest you visit the property and check it out more closely. If the mounds are indeed soil, and there are shallow tunnels (you will see raised turf) connecting the mounds of soil then it is definitely moles. Here is an article on how to best trap them:

If the mounds are in fact just grass then the problem is voles. Voles are very difficult to control:

I would put the raised portions back in place and stomp down the tunnels and water the area so the roots don’t dry out. The turf should recover.