Backyard Wheat

Asked April 18, 2020, 11:13 AM EDT

My son and I want to plant some wheat in our garden this year for fun. We have a couple questions. We are in Kent County. Do we have enough time at this point to plant spring wheat or should we wait and sow winter wheat? We have an 8x4' parcel to plant on. How much wheat should purchase to cover that? Kind regards, Aaron and Ian

Kent County Michigan

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Aaron and Ian,

It is not too late to plant spring wheat, but I would suggest getting done soon. I would plant at a seeding rate of 1.6 million seeds per acre. To cover 32 square feet you would need about 35 grams of seed. I have some Seahawk soft white spring wheat I would be happy to ship you an envelope with 35 grams in it. If you can email me your address, I will weigh out the seed and mail it to you.

The target planting depth is 1 inch deep. Do your best to get the seed planted at a uniform depth for uniform emergence. I would apply some nitrogen to the crop once it has emerged and is about 3-4 inches tall. You can probably use whatever fertilizer you have on hand - but make sure it has nitrogen in it. Fertilizer grades are based on three numbers - N-P-K. For example, a 6-24-32 fertilizer has 6% nitrogen, 24% phosphorus and 32% potassium.

Let me know what other questions you have. My email is