Spring lawn revival tips

Asked April 18, 2020, 10:28 AM EDT

Hi first time home owner here, living in Saint Paul, MN. My small urban lawn is in rough shape. There is a bare spot about 8 feet in diameter (with broken up concrete buried about 8 inches under it) and thin grass/creeping charlie all over. I bought a seed patch and repair product for the bare spot and a northern blend grass seed to overseed the rest of the lawn. I know fall is best for seeding in Minnesota, but I want to give it a shot this Spring to make the lawn more usable this summer. My question is: When and in what order should I seed the bare spot, aerate the lawn (Do I also aerate the bare spot?) and overseed it? Any other spring tips for a first-timer trying to revive a neglected yard? I’m thinking I will just embrace the Creeping Charlie as a pollinator friendly addition. Thank you!

Ramsey County Minnesota

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I am giving you a link to our page of renovating and repairing your lawn. Click on the Open All to see the information there. Also on that page is a link to the Lawn Care Calendar. Open that and print it out to keep and refer to. https://extension.umn.edu/lawns-and-landscapes/lawn-care