Is this tree’s health recoverable?

Asked April 16, 2020, 7:24 PM EDT

We are wondering if this little tree is ever going to rebound and be healthy. We recently trimmed off many completely dead/bare branches, but left one so you can see in one of the photos. As you can see the trunk appears to be unwell?, which runs at least 2/3rds up the tree. Can we help the tree in some way, or is it doomed due to disease? Thank you for your expert advice!

Washington County Oregon

1 Response

I'm afraid your poor tree will not recover. The damage on the trunk appears too severe. However, per information from Morton Arboretum if less than 25% of bark around the tree is undamaged there is a chance it will recover if the cause is mechanical damage rather than disease. I refer you to this article from the Arboretum "Trunk wounds and decay"