New blackeberry shoots

Asked April 16, 2020, 4:23 PM EDT

I pruned our blackberry plant this winter. Now we have several shoots emerging from the plan where it planted. Last year several of these grew and if not controlled would shoot straight up without flowering. I usually cut them off at the base so the plant could put its energy towards growing the berries.I am wondering if we are needlessly pruning the plant or we should prune so the plant can focus on the berries. I also read somewhere (and can't find the source) that these shoots should be kept and the old stems removed from the plant. I want to keep the plant well controlled on the trellis it has and not have an overabundance of plant stems to enjoy its fruit. So questions I have a. Should this springs shoots be removed? and b. When pruning in the fall/winter should a few of the new shoots be retained and cut off the older stems?

Benton County Oregon

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Hi and thanks for contacting Ask an Expert. There are two different types of blackberries (growth wise). One is erect and the other usually runs along the ground. There are different ways to prune them as well. I am attaching OSU's information on pruning on both types along with a great deal of other information on blackberries. If you have further questions after reading the paper, please recontact us.
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