Eradicating Weeds

Asked April 16, 2020, 3:57 PM EDT

This Year our backyard id covered in lots of different weeds; the most troublesome are a weed that appears as a cluster of round green leaves with small white flowers and grow stalks of seed pods that mature to pods when touched, fling tiny white rings of seeds everywhere. no one seems to know the name of this weed. I pulled them out before seeds matured last year i thought but this year there are millions everywhere. I sprayed most areas but missed a section. now they are 10 inches tall and the seeds have been thrown. Please help me with this issue. What should I do with the area that was not sprayed ? the seeds now in the ground and what should I use to spray next time? Thank you so much, Rebecca Salgado

Lane County Oregon

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You have described well one of the most common garden weeds in spring. Little Western bittercress, Cardamine oligosperma. Its seed lie dormant for years in the soil after one seeding and it only germinates a portion of them per year. Another common name for them is shotweed.
An interesting fact is that they are quite edible, high in nutrients and vitamins. The flavor is like watercress.
Since they are a winter annual, getting them out when at the small rosette stage is easy, they have a shallow root system. Catching them at that first rosette means you can reduce the numbers manually quite easily. No spray available to you will keep them from returning As the spray from last year wears off, you'll probably see them sneaking back up. If they are in beds, a scuffle hoe and rake makes short work of them.