Pear tree black spot on leaves

Asked April 16, 2020, 3:55 PM EDT

for the past several years my pear tree gets black spots on the leaves ( they look like growths later in the year) is there anything I can do for the tree? It is pretty old too

Oakland County Michigan

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Without some clear pictures I won’t be able to pinpoint what it is. There are some very common diseases that may be at issue, especially if you do not use a protective spray before any diseases are evident. Sprays may be different if you want to eat the fruit from the tree.

Here are some references with good pictures, and preventive options.

If you decide to try a spray schedule, timing is important. You will read in the references terms like “green cluster”, “petal drop”, etc. These refer to the buds’ stage of development. Here are some references to get you started:

See page 6 here for pictures of bud devlopment:

These have some more details on fungicides:

Please read and follow all precautions and directions for any product you use. Thank you for using our service.

Thank you Laura
I don't its any of those
I am including a pic

Thank you Laura
I don't its any of those
I am including a pic

Thank you for the picture. This is a rust of some sort, and it looks most like pear trellis rust, also known as European pear rust. This has been an issue about the last 6 years here in Michigan. Please see


History of the disease in Michigan-

Thank you.