Plum Curculio in Peach Tree

Asked April 16, 2020, 3:18 PM EDT

Hello, I’m a novice peach tree owner in Central Texas and am seeking advice on pest control. Currently, the tree is dropping premature fruit and Ive found plum curculio in the fallen fruit. Is it too late in the season to save the remaining peaches? If not, what action is recommended at this point? Also, what action should I take next year to prevent this problem? Any advice is appreciated!

McLennan County Texas

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Thank you for your inquiry. For more information about plum curculio on peaches, please see

This publication should provided answers to the questions that you posed.
Unfortunately we will not be able to estimate the effectiveness of treatment at this time as the insect may already be in the fruit, thus somewhat protected from the pesticides. Preventative actions are best to manage this insect problem.