Can a plastic HDPE barrier chip?

Asked April 16, 2020, 10:28 AM EDT

If a bamboo barrier is 2 inches or more above ground, is there a reasonable likelihood of that top portion being cracked/chipped by foot traffic or mower (push or riding mower), compromising it's ability to deflect rhizomes? A drafted local ordinance calls for a 5 foot buffer zone between the barrier and the property line. In order to maintain that strip of land, it'll require this type of "traffic", which would seem to be possibly self-defeating. If it were a 2 foot buffer zone, it could be maintained with a weed wacker without damage to the barrier. Thank you

Mercer County New Jersey

1 Response

If the plastic was chipped above ground level and did not crack below the soil surface I do not believe you would have an issue. If it did crack below the soil surface (in the root zone) I would be concerned.