algae control in 2 acre pond

Asked April 15, 2020, 4:21 PM EDT

We have a 2 acre pond that started having a significant algae problem about 2 years ago. We are worried that the algae may be toxic for the retrievers that train in the pond so are anxious to control it. The pond is surrounded by grass that is not fertilized and there is no agricultural activity for miles. Accordingly, we think that, to the extent that the problem stems from an overload of phosphorus, it must trace to sediment at the bottom of the pond or perhaps to the excrement of the 10 or so geese who hang out on and around the pond. The pond, by the way, averages only about 4' of depth. Our research suggests that aerators may be of limited value and that, in particular, bottom aerators may not perform well in a shallow pond. We are wary of chemicals as our primary concern is the health of the dogs who use the pond. What can you suggest for algae control?

Talbot County Maryland

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Hi - We specialize in home gardening questions and this is outside of our area of expertise. However, we do have professionals in the University of Maryland Extension Sea Grant Program who are specialists in pond management and can help you. You can find the contact information for Don Webster and Jackie Takacs on this page of their website,