Planting in "medium" chloride & sodium soil

Asked April 15, 2020, 2:55 PM EDT

MSU reported: Sodium = 137 ppm (Medium); Chloride = 140 ppm (Medium).

We'd like to plant red twig dogwood or something similar. Any recommendations of appropriate shrubs, trees, grasses for a very wet region would be greatly appreciated. With full sun when available in MI ;)

Here are our specifics:
Phosphorus (P)45 ppm

Potassium (K)153 ppm
Magnesium (Mg)298 ppm

Oakland County Michigan

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The red twig dogwood, Cornus sericea, is fine in wet soils and tolerates moderately saline soils.

Your test results designated what amendments and amount of fertilizer to apply per season, for the plants you indicated you are growing.

Here are plant lists for wet sites. It is a good idea to plant a variety of shrubs and trees, so that if one species has a problem, the whole planting is not affected. For these plants you will want to consider the other growing conditions such as amount of sun, soil type, soil pH. Choose plants rated for zone 5 or colder so that they survive the occasional very cld winter.

Correct planting technique and care for the first 2-3 seasons is especially important for trees and shrubs to thrive. Here is information on trees, and it applies to shrubs, too:

Most plants tolerate a moderate level of sodium and chlorine. If you need to plan for the soil possibly becoming high in sodium, here is a reference-

I hope this is helpful. Thanks for using our service.