Lawn weed ID?

Asked April 15, 2020, 12:33 PM EDT

What is this low-growing spreader? My husband reports that it doesn’t seem to spread via rhizomes, but has a central root from which the plant spreads. When it’s warm, the flowers open into inch-wide yellow daisy-like petals with pointed tips. Sorry I don’t have photos of that, but I’ve attached others. Do you have advice for getting rid of it? Thanks, Leslie Lacy

Ingham County Michigan

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This appears to be lesser celadine, ,. Ranunculus ficaria. Please compare the whole plant including any roots or bulbs to this reference:

I hope you don’t have lesser celadine, as it is difficult to eradicate. Note hat, in grass, you can use a selective herbicide but it still takes multiple seasons to eradicate this invasive weed”…the selective herbicides labeled for use on turfgrass are highly effective against lesser celandine that has crept into lawns. These include MCPA, dicamba, and triclopyr. Keep in mind established colonies that are supported by huge numbers of underground tubers may require multiple applications over a number of years. “

If the bulbs and other plant parts are not a match for what you have, please reply here and I will research further for you.