Poa Annua...

Asked April 15, 2020, 12:27 PM EDT

Hi, I have been fighting this stuff for several years, trying to pull it out before it seeds, but as it apparently only takes a week or so to begin flowering, and it can hide in the lawn, I have not been very successful. Other than plowing it under and sowing salt (or Roundup) and changing to gravel, (yuk) is there any hope ?? The lawn is maybe 1000 sq ft. Thanks very much - Horace Quick in Ashland

Jackson County Oregon

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This weed will also be a problem.

Selective herbicides include pre-emergence products like - Pendulum applied in the fall (September) and spring (March), and post-emergence products - Prograss also applied in the fall and spring. However, any missed applications will allow the weed to establish. After the weed is established hand removal or non-selective herbicide (Round-Up) is the best option.