Herbicide in vegetable garden

Asked April 14, 2020, 6:09 PM EDT

Our next door neighbor had her lawn treated by a commercial lawn service. The applicator spread a grass fertilizer and a grass pre-emergent herbicide in 25 to 30 mph wind. Some of the chemicals landed in our edible vegetable garden. The chemicals landed on our garlic, winter onions, asparagus and raspberries as well as bare soil that will be planted with tomatoes, peppers, carrots, radishes, lettuce and cucumbers; some from seeds others with small plants. Will these chemicals harm my vegetables?

Brown County Minnesota

1 Response

We don't know what chemicals were applied or their concentration in the drift that affected your growing area so we don't know whether any harm will follow.

However, generally speaking, pre-emergent herbicides do not affect established plants such as garlic, winter onions, asparagus or raspberries as well as tomato and pepper transplants

Residues that remain might inhibit carrot, radish, lettuce and cucumber seed germination but that possibility, if it exists, should diminish if the soil is turned or tilled before planting.

We are sorry we can't supply a more definitive answer.