Asked April 14, 2020, 11:12 AM EDT

This Spring I have several tunnels ,located on one side of my lawn.My neighbor had trouble 2doors up from me and had to get an exterminater.They gave her traps.Is there another way.?I'm not in a position to remove traps ,if caught.HELP!

Harford County Maryland

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Groundhogs can be a very difficult animal to manage in the landscape. If you cannot live with the groundhog, you will have to consider trapping. Groundhogs will not live long if re-located and you may be adding to someone else's woes.
There are trappers you can hire to take care of your problem if need be.
Contact the Nuisance Wildlife Information Line at 1-877-463-6497 for trapping information in your county.

Also, look at the link from DNR and Nuisance wildlife. There are MD Licensed Wildlife Damage Control Operators by County that you can contact. See more information on groundhogs


After reading about groundhogs, moles,&red foxes,I am now completely confused.After inquiring about exterminating means,I feel this is going to be very costly.I was told I can purchase traps,hire exterminator,etc. If I do catch "whatever", I have to take it to a park.My question is :Does the State send anyone out to your home to identify your problem,2When identified, will the State,help you take care of your problem?I'm afraid I know this answer.

No one from the State can come out to make a site visit and they cannot help take care of problems. It is important to identify what animal you are dealing with so you can address any issues. Depending upon the animal it is possible no control may be needed.

You can send attach digital photos to this reply so we can see what you may be dealing with. Perhaps a family member can help with digital photos.

Take a look at our website on groundhogs. Groundhogs live in burrows located along roadsides, fields, at the base of trees, and around building foundations. Their burrow entrances are about a foot wide. Look for this. If it is a groundhog, you will have to decide if you want to live with the animal or trap.
The Nuisance Wildlife Information Line can offer more information and trapping
1-877-463-6497. They offer ways to deal with nuisance wildlife.

Moles - Create surface tunneling in your lawn. They are searching for soil insects like earthworms and grubs. Mole activity can be seasonal and often stops on its own so in many cases control is not needed. They eventually move on. See our website for photos.


Just wanted to thank you for all your help.Janet