Tiny white or clear looking specks ?

Asked April 13, 2020, 10:43 PM EDT

I don’t know what they are you can’t see them but on dark surfaces especially the couch (it’s brown) I’ve looked at one under a microscope, I still have no clue I seen them on my couch (living room) furniture. I vacuumed the furniture the next day the specks were back , I sprayed Lysol and a bug spray ( I know I shouldn’t of did the bug spray ) they’re back again next day ,but they drive me nuts whatever they are make me itch all over ,I am sensitive to a lot of things (allergies/allergic reactions )the more I’ve looked around I can see then on the dark surfaces you do have to be “looking for them” to notice them or you’d think it was a tiny tiny piece of lint or crumb. But even though I can see them and they bother me they don’t bother anyone else in my house or atleast the way they do me ? I have searched and searched I have no clue (maybe a mite of some type) still since I really don’t know what I’m looking for just hope I can make it out one day ,with the microscope and pictures , I’m having no luck I feel like I’m losing my mind please help me figure out what this is I do have pictures hard to see though , I’ve never seen them move , I can’t tell if they have legs or not • that dot is about the actual size but since it’s white /clear I can see it it’s a oblong shape I think


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You will need to submit a sample to your county extension office. They will send it to UK for identification. The photos as not in focus enough to ID the white objects.'

There is also a fact sheet on Mystery Itches you should review on the UK website.