Weak chick

Asked April 13, 2020, 3:55 PM EDT

Hello! I recently got my first flock of 10 baby chicks. I was raised around chickens but this is my first time having them on my own. One chick arrived in very rough condition. Very weak and no desire to eat or drink. I left her with the rest hoping she would regain some strength and learn from the others, but she started to get trampled and I noticed she wasn’t getting any food. I separated her and was hand feeding her at least every hour. I gave her sugar water, egg yolk and wetted food. By the evening she was eating by herself. When I checked on her the next morning she had eaten all the food and was up moving around like a whole new chick. She was chirping and trying to get out of the box to get to the other chicks. I wasn’t sure she was ready yet, but also didn’t want to keep her secluded. She did great with the other chicks for a day and was feeding and drinking like the rest of them. Halfway through the following day I noticed her getting weak again. I decided to give her some time and leave her with the rest. When I came back about a half hour later she was sprawled out and couldn’t even hold her head up. I brought her inside and kept her warm and attempted to give her water. She passed shortly after. Is there anything more I could of done? I have just felt awful ever since! She was my favorite chick and I just can’t help but I think I could of done more.

King County Washington

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I think you did everything you could. She probably arrived sick, since you said she arrived in rough condition. What was her abdomen like? It may not have healed correctly, or she may have had an infected yolk sac. Sorry for your loss.

Visually I didn’t see anything wrong with her. The only difference with her and the others is she was much smaller. Thank you for your response! It puts my mind at ease.