Peach tree fungus?

Asked April 13, 2020, 1:58 PM EDT

Hello, I just noticed my peach tree showing signs of fungus, with leaf curling and what look like bulbus little sores. Some quick googling told us to spray with a copper antifungal agent in fall or early spring. Is it too late to spray now, mid April? Will it not have an effect? Help! Thanks, Roxanne

Multnomah County Oregon

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The peach tree has peach leaf curl.

Yes, it's too late to spray now. The best you can do through this season is to remove, and discard, all affected leaves as soon as you see them.

Two sprays are recommended for peach leaf curl in western Oregon, at
at 50% leaf fall (late October), and again at delayed dormant (usually in late February, before floral buds open).

Products available to home gardeners include Monterey Liqui-Cop and Ortho MAX Garden Disease Control. Follow label directions for amount, timing, and personal protection equipment.