GPS use in a cemetery

Asked April 13, 2020, 11:10 AM EDT

I would like to survey our cemetery for Grave Marker GPS coordinates at a minimum. Additionally, I would like to develop boundaries for the various graveyard lots, generally measuring 16'x 20' but with considerable variations in certain areas. A GPS unit accuracy of 3-5 meters probably isn't much better than Google Earth map. What would you suggest for a device with better accuracy but not reaching surveyor grade accuracy. For tombstones, I'd probably settle for 2' - 3' , but for lot corners I'd like to get within 1' if I could. I'm looking at handheld devices but am willing to look at more sophisticated devices, perhaps even a base station system. The cemetery has approximately 800 occupied graves. Thank you.

Iowa County Iowa

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We have a small handheld SXblue GNSS GPS receiver. This unit without an RTK subscription will provide about 2-meter accuracy. It accepts RTK signals - which have subscription cost - but then would provide sub-meter accuracy.

Contact information for SXblue GPS units:
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