Getting rid of Lesser Celandine

Asked April 12, 2020, 12:25 PM EDT

How do I eliminate this from my lawn?

Nassau County New York

1 Response

This weed can be difficult to control, but I will give you 3 options to consider.
1. Dig it up. The underground bulbs/bulbletts are what make it difficult to control. Thus, if you eliminate these then the ability to propagate and reproduce are stopped.

2. Spray a non selective herbicide like glyphosate (aka round-up). Note that this will injure or kill the surrounding plants that could receive spray droplets during application. Also, you will probably want to reseed the areas that you decide to spray.

3. Spray with a selective herbicide for broadleaf weeds. A really good example would be a herbicide that has Triclopyr in the active ingredients. You could use a herbicide with triclopyr alone, or as a mix with other broadleaf herbicides. This option will likely take 2-3 applications to achieve acceptable control.