Poisonous Plant to Livestock Poster

Asked April 11, 2020, 5:21 PM EDT

Hello, I'm a farmer in Newberg, Oregon. I have farm animals and I'd like to obtain a displayable poster of plants that may be poisonous to our livestock. Would you have any available? Thank you! Shauna Sherick

Yamhill County Oregon

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I do not believe there are any posters for toxic plants for our region. I did find one for horses from the University of Minnesota, however you didn't mention which animals you were thinking of, so I am not sure if horses are of importance to you. Also, a poster from outside our region may be missing locally important plants which may harm your animals. Below are a couple guides for toxic plants which you may find useful. Sorry they are not in a poster format.



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Thank you for your response. I’m sorry I didn’t clarify I was asking about cattle, sheep and goats. Thank you for the resources you provided.