help with garden invader

Asked April 11, 2020, 11:32 AM EDT

hello I'm hoping someone can help me out with this, I'm looking to see what I can use to get rid of this. it keeps coming back. it's in a shady/moist area behind my house and is taking over and getting into my other plants. it is like a carpet, we have scraped out but want to treat the area and lay down some mulch. hopeful you can advise a remedy. thank you in advance!

Wayne County Michigan

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This is a type liverwort an ancient plant that does not take up water through roots but through the leaf like structure. They thrive in areas that are wet, much like moss. There are products on the market labeled for moss, algae, and liverwort control that have the active ingredient potassium salts of fatty acids. If you look up products that kill moss and algae, read label to make sure it states it will also control liverworts. Once you have treated the area or have dug up and removed the liverworts, use a mulch that dries out quickly. Use of a landscape fabric under the mulch may help. In shaded damp areas next to a house I have seen moss and related organisms reduced by using landscape fiber and pea gravel. Avoid watering in this area and use of fertilizers which would encourage moss and liverworts.

thank you so much for you reply and suggestions, much appreciated