What kind of snake is this

Asked April 10, 2020, 9:40 PM EDT

Attached are pictures of a small / juvenile snake found in my front yard. For scale this snake is maybe 6-8 inches long at this point. I found a similar one dead (dried out? ) about 10-15 ft away from this one on the cement and am wondering if there is a 'next' of baby snakes around and what type they may be.

Howard County Maryland

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This looks like a Northern brown snake, aka Dekay snake. It is very common in the suburbs and even cities. It is often called the city snake. It is completely harmless.
It grows to about 12 inches long. It is a live bearer and gives birth in late summer.
The snake does not look good and looks like it may be dead.

Snakes do not make nests. Good habitat will provide home sites for snakes that will use the site for hiding and food. Do not harm the snake. They are part of the ecosystem and are beneficial. Take a look at our website for ways to discourage snakes from living close to your house - remove stacks of firewood, leaves or other debris from near the home. Snakes like to hide in dense vegetation and debris.


Thank you.

the snake was definitely alive when the pics were taken. the next day it was in a different location, but have not seen it since. Glad to know it only gets to 12 inches long .... I was concerned this was juvenile version of a larger snake.

Thanks Again ... Stay Safe