Bag worms

Asked April 10, 2020, 9:32 AM EDT

How to get rid of bag worms. I have 4 very big evergreens and the whole back side and middle are brown. I have seen a couple of sacs that are dried up. What to do?

Charles County Maryland

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The older center green of evergreens usually browns out naturally as the plant grows. If the entire back of these evergreens is brown, that could be from bagworms, but we would expect you to find many more than two sacs.

Pull off the sacs that are there. They may be full of eggs. Do not drop them on the ground. Drop in a bucket of soapy water and drown them.
Here is our page on bagworms and how to control them:

But this does not sound like a bagworms problem. It sounds more like a cultural/site problem. If you can attach photos--close-up and overall--we may be able to be more helpful to you. Many things can cause browning of foliage.