Starting from seeds

Asked April 9, 2020, 7:28 PM EDT

I live in Eugene and want to start some garden vegetables from seeds. We have some small plastic 6 packs left from when I purchased plants and can plant in them. Do I need a cloche to keep them protected at night?

Lane County Oregon

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Are you starting the 6-packs indoors or outdoors? Bottom heat helps a lot and good light once the seeds emerge. If outdoors a cloche would be a good idea, but most cool season crops can now be started outdoors from seed. Obviously not the warm-loving plants such as tomatoes, peppers etc. Tender herbs also need to wait yet a while. It is a good idea to wash used plant packs before replanting and use fresh soil.

Thanks Pat. I am reusing some old plant packs and I would not have thought to wash them first.

You are welcome. Happy gardening!