Good morning, Would you be able to answer for me, or forward my request to...

Asked April 9, 2020, 2:24 PM EDT

Good morning, Would you be able to answer for me, or forward my request to someone who could, about any bunny training classes? This was the only "contact us" that I noticed on the website when I went to contact the Coos County 4-H group. I thought that once children are given the social go-ahead, there might be someone who could work with me and my 6 month old New Zealand Cross bunny, Leo (Little Lovie). He was a surprise gift to me and a steep learning curve, as well as a tremendous source of joy. He is seen regularly at a Veterinarian Clinic, and they clip his nails once a month for me, too. Along with maybe learning that skill myself better, I was hoping for better handling practice, reduction in biting of clothes, increasing his binkies, and even the time set aside to learn more "party tricks," He is quite bright, and very affectionate. I believe I have two neighbor kids that will be assisting me in litter box duties, etc., yet one of them only had a short duration experience with bunnies as a very small child. It would be fun for all of us to learn from someone that raises and shows bunnies, more so than an internet video. As I understand it from my Veterinarian's wife, little toddlers and slightly above show their bunnies regularly at the fair and are quite good with keeping them well-behaved. Having scheduled time set aside for training him will also help make it more of a priority. He is fixed, kept indoors, currently weighs 5.98 pounds, really fights being leashed, LOVES jumping up on the bed, and according to a vet tech, he runs even more nervous than most bunnies. He is currently terrified of people gardening outside of the windows, yet seems bravely eager to take on playing with two very large hunting cats in the household behind the other side of his large dog gates. In any case, if you know of a way to see if any 4-H kids are interested in being compensated for their expertise, or if you know of any bunny training courses like ones for dogs, I am grateful to know about them. Thank you, Maegan & Leo

Coos County Oregon

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Hi Maegan,

Yes, I'm happy to connect you with a rabbit 4-H member. Please email me at with your contact info and I will pass that along to one of our members. Are you in Coos Bay or what part of the county? They can phone or email you now and then meet in person once things get back to normal this summer.