Dying tomato seedlings

Asked April 9, 2020, 12:58 PM EDT

Hello, For the second year in a row, my tomato seedlings have developed a problem with their leaves. Last year they ended up dying before planting them outside. I’d like to avoid that if possible! I’ve attached a few pictures of what they look like. We started the seeds in peet moss, used a heat mat to help promote germination. When they had their 2nd set of true leaves we transplanted them to small pots with sterile seedling mix for soil. They have been under a grow light. Once we transplanted them, we began fertilizing once a week with half strength fertilizer. I hope you are able to give us some clues as to what we are doing wrong. Thank you so much! Liberty

Multnomah County Oregon

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The peat pots are wicking the water away from the roots.

To avoid that problem, place the seedlings side-by-side in a small tray to slow the drying rate. Another tactic is to soak the potted seedlings rather than water them.

Then, when you transplant to larger pots, or plant outdoors, either remove the rim of each peat pot so that it doesn't jut aboveground, or remove the entire pot.