Seeding a lawn

Asked April 8, 2020, 11:20 PM EDT

My family purchased a new construction home in Pueblo West near the reservoir. We have an acre of land and would like to have some grass. A friend suggested we plant clover for drought resistance and low maintenance purposes. I have a few questions about this: 1) Is clover suitable for this type of area. 2) We are not able to hire a lawn company because of COVID 19 issues. Would we be able to do this ourselves? Where would we come up with top soil, how would we spread it, and is that even necessary? (I assume it is). Also, what is the best way to apply seed and how would we go about doing that ourselves?

Pueblo County Colorado

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You can grow clover here, people often use it as a cover crop. Clover isn't a grass necessarily but is a ground cover.
I think you could potentially do it yourself.
Check out this link, it has information on seeding a lawn.