Dogwood damaged from squirrels

Asked April 8, 2020, 6:07 PM EDT

Before we placed the screen around the base, squirrels stripped the bark from this dogwood. It was beautiful last year. Can it be saved? How?

Oakland County Michigan

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All you can do is give the tree good care and see if it recovers. In any case, the live trunk will take over and grow if the other trunks do not. See how it leafs out this year, and if the damaged trunks are not completely dead, continue to let them recover for the next 2-3 years and then decide whether to remove them or not.

Good care tips: keep the barrier in place when animals are hungry. Give water in a circle around the root zone during droughts in summer and in fall. Mulch around the root zone with shredded or chipped bark, pine straw, etc. Mulch should be 3-4 inches deep, in a 3-4 foot wide strip, but do not let mulch touch the trunk.

One other idea that may help is to set a squirrel feeder up a good distance from the tree, in the cold weather, to keep them happy and away from your landscape trees.

I hope your tree recovers! Thanks for using our service.

Thank you, Laura.
I'll water and add mulch.

Fingers crossed.

Very good, hope you get some flowers, too.