Type of Grass Hay

Asked April 8, 2020, 3:35 PM EDT

I have an existing field planted with a type of what appears to be Orchard Grass, not sure of exactly what type of hay it is.. it has broad leaves and stems out at about 2 1/2 ft. Prior to cutting. I'm located in Loma, Colorado . 81524. What d be the best type of grass to grow in this area. Would orchard grass or a tall fescue be the better grass.....

Mesa County Colorado

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Without seeing the grass I am not able to make a determination as to what species of grass it is. Both orchard grass and tall fescue are grown in the area but probably more orchard grass is grown. Both are very productive grasses. Without going into the details too much, tall fescue typically is somewhat less desirable mostly due to perception. Older varieties of tall fescue can have an issue with an endophyte(fungus that lives withing the plant cells) which can lead to fescue toxicosis and can cause issues with pregnant mares. However, most of the tall fescue that has been planted in the last 20 plus years is endophyte-free. Having said that many horse people still do not want to feed tall fescue to horses so if you are selling hay you probably will have a smaller market of buyers. Another grass species that I recommend for this area is meadow brome as it works well in a mix with orchard grass. If you like you can give me a call at 970-244-1834 to discuss and I would be glad to go over your situation in detail.