dexter cattle holding chute

Asked April 8, 2020, 3:23 PM EDT

i have a very small herd of Dexters and need a sqeeze to restrain them for vet visits, dosing , etc. Moveable would be a plus and wood prefered over metal. Adjustable for sheep would be truly awsome!

Clallam County Washington

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Hi -- for biosecurity reasons, it is hard to recommend wood vs. metal systems. However, if you are deterrmined to make a system out of wood, check out the selection of sheep plans available at or cattle plans at You'll have to do some reading and scrolling to find the links you want, but they are there.

You can also call your county Extension office and ask if they have the Midwest Plans Service collection of farm plans. These are HUGE notebooks with all kinds of plans such as barns, feeders, corrals, etc. Maybe you could borrow them.

In a pinch, you can use a solid wall and a swinging gate as a squeeze. Put a halter on the animal and tie them to keep them forward; hook a chain or slide a board behind them to keep them from backing out. This will work well for pregnancy checks, vaccinations, and a few other things. Won't work well for drenching unless you make some adjustments to the front end. Also, this wouldn't be portable, but you could create it wherever you have a wall and a swinging gate or panel.

If you don't find anything that will work for you, please re-submit your question and ask it to be posted to the beef group. Best wishes,

Hi -- a rancher friend said an old brand called "Western Farmer" would suit you. I did a search for that brand name and didn't find anything, but I did find this company, which makes custom head catches. You could easily build the rest with wood, and the head catch could be detachable and portable (if you are handy...). Here is the site:

I'm going to keep looking!