Groundcover euonymus with irises and daylilies

Asked April 7, 2020, 8:12 PM EDT

On the side of the house, there is some green euonymus that is making its way from the back of the house up the side bed. Just last year, I decided to create a new bed and added irises I had divided and a medley of daylilies together with 3 small hydrangeas. I also have lined this bed with some carex I divided. Will the euonymus choke out the perennials or can they co-exist?

Baltimore County Maryland

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Wintercreeper Euonymus (Euonymus fortunei), the ground-covering species of Euonymus, is invasive and spreads into natural areas; it may take over swaths of garden depending on how vigorously it's growing. Some selections are faster growers than others; usually all-green plants are faster than their variegated counterparts, of which this Euonymus has several. On a small scale, it should be simple to trim back any stems threatening to overrun the perennials. Do not allow it to climb any trees if they are in the area, and even climbing walls is undesirable as this is when the plant can mature enough to develop flowers and fruit (that the birds disperse).