Weird clay like hills throughout our grass

Asked April 7, 2020, 2:19 PM EDT

I have attached a few photos (not great ones) showing these mound of clay like type substance. They don't look like there are holes on the tops (any hills) and in some cases they almost look like termite hills. These are in common areas of a larger development with the soil being VERY sandy. I have also attached a patch of grass which started to turn brown about a year after the sod was installed. But it is just one patch like this everything else is KIND of green with these hills everywhere. HELP

Sussex County Delaware

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From the pictures that you included I think your common area is infested with moles or voles. I think it more likely that they are voles since moles mostly live their lives underground whereas voles do come up from the tunnels often. The links describe the differences and food preferences of each. Generally moles eat meat (worms, bugs, grubs) and voles eat vegetables (tree roots, plant roots and also grass roots.). I have been very successful trapping voles by putting a mouse trap baited with peanut butter covered over with a nursery container or pail as mentioned in the Virginia Tech article. With a widespread area such as your common area this may not be effective and it may require the services of a commercial pest management company.

There are many traps, sonic emitters and poisons on the market and most are not very effective or raise concerns about other animals being harmed by them.

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