Fungus on magnolia trees. Help pleade

Asked April 7, 2020, 1:39 PM EDT

What to do about fungus on my magnolia trees? Nothing around them for 10’. Not growing well. Looks diseased. I love magnolias and would not want to cut them down but they do need help. They are 24 years old.

Jefferson Davis Parish Louisiana

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By fungus, without a picture or seeing the tree, you are probably experiencing Lichen moss growing on the branches. Lichen is indicative of a soil that does not have good internal drainage and soil compaction which is typical of native prairie soils. Trees tend to be open and does not have a full look. Branches at the top of the tree have died back. I would suggest a fertilization of the magnolia tree. Apply 1 lb. of 13-13-13 per age of tree not to exceed 10 lbs., broadcasting in the drip-line of the tree (end of the branches). This is where the feeder roots are. Let's see if we get a response from this.